I am Energy in a Pretty Dress

Shit talkin’ and dream catchin’ barely sums it up, but it sounds like a good title for my book, or at least a chapter somewhere in the middle. I really should be writing every day. This is where everything falls apart and comes back together. This is where I’m free.

Learning to love everything is the most creative thing I have ever dared to do with my life. Owning and loving the really shitty parts of myself made it possible for me to slowly become someone I really enjoy being with all the bloody time. Using  darkness as a tool to get closer to the light. This is where life becomes intentional–when you start taking your own breath away instead of sitting around, waiting for someone else to.

The most profound relationship you will ever have with anyone is the one that you have with yourself. So why not bust your bum to make it an epic journey?

I was listening to a guided meditation recently…I can’t remember who or what but she said something that shook me… “You are here to learn how to manipulate energy.”

Most of us find ourselves frustrated or disappointed with what is in front of our face and choose to react or respond to that very thing. What if you could shift the entire experience with your own energy? What if life really is intended to be a conscious and deliberate experience?

We have got to be inventive enough to give exactly what it is that we want from others, or from life, period! Otherwise it’s just selfish narcissism and a bad case of a superiority complex. Reaching for something higher, apologizing faster and more frequently, honest forgiveness, exploring the element of responsibility. Yea, these are a few of my favorite things…

Who am I?

What have I become?

I am everything and I am nothing.

I am energy in a pretty dress.

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Woman, Roar!!!

Sometimes I am wild.
Sometimes my heart beats to the rhythm of my most passionate fantasies; completely in sync with the vibration of the sun and the moon and the itty bitty crystals that live within the rocks.
Sometimes everything is quiet and sweet…
Sometimes I don’t give a shit.
Sometimes I care too much.
Sometimes everything feels alive.
Sometimes I can’t get out of bed.
Sometimes I can feel electricity in the air.
Sometimes I don’t feel anything at all.


Woman, what would you do if you knew you could not fail? What would you do if everything was right and everything was ok?
The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself! You came a little closer to your edge today. Buried beneath thoughts that have no meaning. Stuck in the sound of rage and misunderstanding. Butterflies long to land on your face. Stop sinking…
Hold the light inside of you longer this time. I know that you want to be everything…and I’m here to tell you that you are. All of these earth angels and dreamy beings are reflections of you, completely. Learning how to love can be different. Those cords got stuck in you somewhere in ancients times. I am here to take them out so that you can be free. Headstands, spring water and pretty colors excite you. Flavor makes you melt. Creating turns you into a goddess. Candlelight calms your restless mind. Who told you that you were too much? Who told you that you were not enough? They lied! You are perfectly complex. Your process is messy and intense and absolutely beautiful! Sometimes you touch things softly with your fingertips. Sometimes you tear things apart.

Original content@laurensuzanne.com/2014
Photo: Lauren Suzanne by George McCarthy