aloha, here i come!

i made it all the way to day 6 and then lost my internet connection at mi casa. but i was getting ready for a ten day trip to hawaii.  so instead of creating a load of unnecessary anxiety before my dream vacation, i decided to go with the flow and let it go. it’s  important to me that you know exactly why i was unable to honor my goal to the very end.

i’m sitting in the lax airport right now waiting to board my connecting flight to honolulu. i finally have an internet connection and decided to take full advantage before i arrive in paradise; a place where i will only be using my computer to listen to my new and absolutely breathtaking playlist. so here i present to you post #7 a few days late.

ok it’s been almost a week since my last rant…and isn’t it amazing what can go down in a woman’s life in 5 days. let’s see…i learned how to make peanut butter chocolate cake balls, which were freakishly good and easy to make. i will be sharing that recipe one of these days. i also discovered that my daily blog goal helped me to relax into a more authentic and fun writing style. i made a batch of the most delicious body butter on the planet which i will be giving away as gifts to the magical people i am going to visit in hawaii. my skin has never felt so silky and smooth and ready for the world.  i will be sharing this recipe asap, as well. my good friend stacey and i realized that the word ”glorious” is just not used enough, so we decided to start a movement to “bring glorious back”. you should join in on that one if you feel ever so inclined.

i spent some time sitting with myself on several occasions, just simply acknowledging how abundantly grateful i am for all of the ways that love, clear intention and self acceptance have merged together and created an explosion of paradise deep within my soul. moving on up….

wishing you all a safe and happy new year!


lots of love,

lauren photo (10)


One thought on “aloha, here i come!

  1. Love love love this entry (all of them of course ) but this was right on target as a blogger’s view on the moment. that’s what I most like reading from blogs. it was so fresh and impromptu (I hope that’s the right word?). It was raw and you literally wrote exactly how you felt to a T and crosse it. It flowed so naturally and your words excited me. You’re writing has improved immensely and you know it mama bug! i am really proud of you. What a beautiful gift to watch you face your fears, challenges, being an artist, etc…you have reinvented yourself but that lauren that I know is the sweetest ever. I am grateful to have a beautiful friendship with you.

    I love ya. Send me photos now 😉

    Please send my love to Tiffany an her precious boy. I can’t wait to meet her.

    Geez girl, enjoy Hawaii!!



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