Stand up straight, my pretties!!!!

I had an interesting conversation with an older man today that came out of left field in a liquor store. We were talking about how interesting it is that so very few people have good posture these days. He was sharing stories with me about how his mother and elders would always correct his posture when he was a youngster.

Yea, it was annoying but he deeply appreciates it now, as he can’t help but to notice the difference in how people carry their own bodies around these days. Cell phones, computers and video games have really taken a serious toll on peoples bodies–much more than they probably realize. He said, ”It’s truly amazing how focused people are on losing weight or finding the perfect outfit. If only they knew that if they just stood up straight they would be so much more beautiful for themselves and the world around them.”

It was an unexpected and profound conversation that I just had to share.

Stand up straight, my pretties!




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