random ranting on a sunny day

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Now is a time of deep reflection and introspection. I’m feeling more inspired than ever before to be more than I have ever been, to go beyond my comfort zone with trembling toes and sweaty palms, to say yes when the monsters in my mind want to say no….but more importantly to say, ”why not?”. There is a world inside of me, an entire universe, unexplored and aching. If I wrestle with these questions and this weight, there’s a good possibility that I’m not alone.

I bang my head against the same wall over and over again, begging the universe to show me a tiny clue, to lead me towards my next step, or more importantly, the right direction. And I find that I am gently led to this warm and snuggly spot, right in between my ego and my inner child–my center! It’s still an awkward place to be because it is so unexplored and full of mystery. How many licks does it take?

Ughhhhh…..the agony!!!!!!!

We endlessly search for balance, but I think that finding balance is like producing really good art; when you nail it, sit back, pour yourself a shot of whiskey or a cup of tea and marvel at what you are capable of, but don’t get too attached and don’t expect work like this to come out of you every single day. And every artist learns early on to embrace their darkness, for pain truly is the greatest motivator and death and decay are the first stages of rebirth.

If the goal is balance then we need to create space for chaos that precedes all great changes…within us and around us.

If we approached everything as art I can’t help but to wonder how rich our lives could be. I’m slightly fascinated by this concept, and although there are many areas of my life where I already have this down, there are so many other cracks and corners that need to be nurtured by the heart of an artist.



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