aloha, here i come!

i made it all the way to day 6 and then lost my internet connection at mi casa. but i was getting ready for a ten day trip to hawaii.  so instead of creating a load of unnecessary anxiety before my dream vacation, i decided to go with the flow and let it go. it’s  important to me that you know exactly why i was unable to honor my goal to the very end.

i’m sitting in the lax airport right now waiting to board my connecting flight to honolulu. i finally have an internet connection and decided to take full advantage before i arrive in paradise; a place where i will only be using my computer to listen to my new and absolutely breathtaking playlist. so here i present to you post #7 a few days late.

ok it’s been almost a week since my last rant…and isn’t it amazing what can go down in a woman’s life in 5 days. let’s see…i learned how to make peanut butter chocolate cake balls, which were freakishly good and easy to make. i will be sharing that recipe one of these days. i also discovered that my daily blog goal helped me to relax into a more authentic and fun writing style. i made a batch of the most delicious body butter on the planet which i will be giving away as gifts to the magical people i am going to visit in hawaii. my skin has never felt so silky and smooth and ready for the world.  i will be sharing this recipe asap, as well. my good friend stacey and i realized that the word ”glorious” is just not used enough, so we decided to start a movement to “bring glorious back”. you should join in on that one if you feel ever so inclined.

i spent some time sitting with myself on several occasions, just simply acknowledging how abundantly grateful i am for all of the ways that love, clear intention and self acceptance have merged together and created an explosion of paradise deep within my soul. moving on up….

wishing you all a safe and happy new year!


lots of love,

lauren photo (10)


These are a few of my favorite things….










bubbles. pretty bras and bobby pins. road trips and freedom. yoga. flowers in jars. painting (i need to manifest that chair into my life). garter belts and seduction. yoga. poetry and love, poetry about love, love as poetry. horses and beaches and connecting with animals.

these are a few of my favorite things….



Stand up straight, my pretties!!!!

I had an interesting conversation with an older man today that came out of left field in a liquor store. We were talking about how interesting it is that so very few people have good posture these days. He was sharing stories with me about how his mother and elders would always correct his posture when he was a youngster.

Yea, it was annoying but he deeply appreciates it now, as he can’t help but to notice the difference in how people carry their own bodies around these days. Cell phones, computers and video games have really taken a serious toll on peoples bodies–much more than they probably realize. He said, ”It’s truly amazing how focused people are on losing weight or finding the perfect outfit. If only they knew that if they just stood up straight they would be so much more beautiful for themselves and the world around them.”

It was an unexpected and profound conversation that I just had to share.

Stand up straight, my pretties!



Dearest awful period, I’m trying to love you but I hate you!

photo (7)

In case you were wondering what I look like when my uterus feels like it’s about to explode….

The only words that have come out of my mouth in the last two hours have been FUCK and DAMMIT. I have nothing nice, positive or uplifting to share today, but I am committed to my latest short term goal, which is a blog post a day for 7 days. Well hello there day #3, I hate you!




What Would a Goddess Do?

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I’ve been working hard on becoming a mindful woman who gives herself permission to be imperfect, to make mistakes, to FUCK UP every now and again. I also have been working on letting the people around me off the hook as often as possible, as well. I would like to think that we’re all truly doing the best that we can, we’re all fighting our own battles and we all could use a little more love and support in this world that is almost lost to itself.

We’re all in this together, even when it feels like we’re on opposing sides or should I say, especially when….? Conflict can be our greatest teacher if we choose to rise above our ego. Nobody enjoys being ridiculed, lectured or called out, but sometimes it needs to be done and most of the time it is the most beautiful lesson in disguise.


This is the one question I try to ask myself before reacting to conflict as it comes up in my life.

Some of the things that I have discovered through this question are:

1. A Goddess speaks her truth no matter what.

2. A Goddess apologizes as quickly as she can when she knows she is wrong, for she truly understands the power of a sincere apology.

3. A Goddess sees all sides of the equation and responds in a way that promotes healing and growth.

4. A Goddess understands that LOVE transforms all things.

5. A Goddess takes nothing personally, for she knows that we’re all just projecting our own experiences, and most importantly that we are all a work in progress.

So let’s just call this the beginning stages of The Goddess Code. I look forward to expanding on this list and sharing it with all of you beauties.

Food for thought….



random ranting on a sunny day

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Now is a time of deep reflection and introspection. I’m feeling more inspired than ever before to be more than I have ever been, to go beyond my comfort zone with trembling toes and sweaty palms, to say yes when the monsters in my mind want to say no….but more importantly to say, ”why not?”. There is a world inside of me, an entire universe, unexplored and aching. If I wrestle with these questions and this weight, there’s a good possibility that I’m not alone.

I bang my head against the same wall over and over again, begging the universe to show me a tiny clue, to lead me towards my next step, or more importantly, the right direction. And I find that I am gently led to this warm and snuggly spot, right in between my ego and my inner child–my center! It’s still an awkward place to be because it is so unexplored and full of mystery. How many licks does it take?

Ughhhhh…..the agony!!!!!!!

We endlessly search for balance, but I think that finding balance is like producing really good art; when you nail it, sit back, pour yourself a shot of whiskey or a cup of tea and marvel at what you are capable of, but don’t get too attached and don’t expect work like this to come out of you every single day. And every artist learns early on to embrace their darkness, for pain truly is the greatest motivator and death and decay are the first stages of rebirth.

If the goal is balance then we need to create space for chaos that precedes all great changes…within us and around us.

If we approached everything as art I can’t help but to wonder how rich our lives could be. I’m slightly fascinated by this concept, and although there are many areas of my life where I already have this down, there are so many other cracks and corners that need to be nurtured by the heart of an artist.



Original content

Original artwork

mY vErY oWn aRt show



Honestly, I think I’m gonna cry. I’ve been dreaming of this day for almost three years and it has finally arrived. Yay!!!

This blog, my art, a huge dream, slowly coming together piece by piece. Along the way I have learned to respect and honor the creative process. Allowing the ups, downs and in-betweens to just simply be what they are. Every single unexpected gift I have gathered along the way has added depth, texture and magic to this entire project.

If you follow my blog then you have probably picked up on the fact that I’m going through a pretty powerful transformation that is reflected through my art and writing. I am discovering exactly what it means to honor and love myself through the darkness and the light…..and I can only hope that my work encourages others to do the same.

If you are in the Austin area, I do hope to see you at my show this Friday the 13th.

Much love,

Lauren Suzanne