dO yOu FaNcY a sHaDoW DaNcE?

“We all attract certain people into our life who have developed qualities opposite to the ones we are most identified with. In other words, they mirror our disowned selves, and we mirror theirs. These are often the most highly emotionally charged relationships. We either love them, hate them, or both! We feel very attracted to them, and/or very uncomfortable, judgmental, annoyed, or frustrated with them. The stronger the feelings, the more important a mirror they are for us. We have drawn them into our reality to show us something about what we need to develop in ourselves. The fact that we have such strong feelings (one way or another) toward them means that they are showing us a part of ourselves we need to acknowledge, accept, and integrate.”
-The Spade

I don’t know about you, but I’m in a constant state of evolution. It has recently been brought to my attention that I am nowhere near the finish line, so I may as well kick back a bit, enjoy the show, and quit taking myself so damn seriously. This is a spiritual lesson on practicality or is it a practical lesson on spirituality? Oh fuck it–who cares! 😉


We’re all so terribly afraid of being judged, yet we judge all day long. The majority of the time we are judging ourselves for being too much of this or not enough of that. Depending on where you’re at–in terms of consciousness, you will either project your shadow onto the world around you which will leave you feeling like a victim over and over again, or you will take responsibility for yourself, your energy, and the astounding power that you possess to transform darkness into light.

Your shadow is dying to be seen, and it will throw one fit after another to get your attention–it’s that simple! All of these people –pushing, pulling and poking at your self-esteem, your nerves, your belief system–they are angels in disguise, and they will keep showing up in one form or another until you get the message. It’s important for you to know that it’s not always negative traits that we are disowning; sometimes we deny our own strength, beauty, sexuality, passion…..

I’m ready to stretch out of bullshit and into my Goddess self!

Much Love,



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