Forgive Them Anyway

I struggle with this constantly so I’m not saying it is going to be easy. But I will tell you that every second of the struggle is worth it. Nothing can compare to peace within the body. It’s a euphoric state of being that unfortunately has become our forgotten birthright.

Anger, resentment and fear rob you of your beautiful life force. No matter what they did or said, you can choose forgiveness for you. Anger, resentment and fear are toxic emotions that turn into cancer ; polluting your entire existence with tension and dis-ease. The road to forgiveness might take a while but it can start right now. You deserve it, my loves!


One thought on “Forgive Them Anyway

  1. Josh and I always say “5 minutes.” we give ourselves 5 minutes to complain or moan and groan about whatever has just pissed us off and then we drop the negative and bring on the positive. ❤

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