Monday, Bloody Monday!

Apparently I still have some work to do, my loves. A violent and painful period this month is telling the tales of unresolved history that continues to boil in my blood. I’m not surprised by this at all- it makes perfect sense.

I had a pretty powerful breakthrough in therapy last week, and one of the many thing that i discovered is that I am standing in my own way. I have been avoiding the exposure of my deepest emotional wounds just as much as I have been denying myself complete and total commitment to the life of my dreams. Every day since then I have felt so incredibly free- it’s like a fairy dust bubble exploded inside of my soul.

I no longer wish to be a walking contradiction; although it was quite amusing at times. No, I’m showing up fully for my path, my purpose, my work. Radical change inspires radical results. My will and desire are equally met now with affirmative, daily action.




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