SXSW 2013

My city has been taken over by hundreds of thousands of people who can barely drive let alone walk, but I’ll take it ’cause the music is making my world sparkle.


We caught a pretty great performance by Heartless Bastards last night at Jo’s Coffee on South Congress. If you’re ever in Austin for SXSW, this spot always has a fantastic lineup of free shows and their Iced Cafe Mocha’s are divine.


I spent the entire day Friday on my bike-hopping around from one venue to the next, soaking up the Texas sun, and enjoying the wind against my skin. First stop was the bike shop to pick up a new lock then I headed down to G&S Lounge on South 1st  to check out an event that my beautiful Spirit Mama was hosting- a series of acoustic sets by female singer-songwriters from Texas. I haven’t told you about my Spirit Mama yet and there’s no way to cover all the back story right now for sure; let’s just say that I plan on writing a book about her one day and it will be called, ”Spirit Mama-The Woman Who Taught Me How To Fly”.


So I enjoyed a few sets by some pretty incredible and talented women who have been rockin’ this city for many years. The music was drenched with history and spirit; I felt really lucky to be there. G&S Lounge is split into two separate venues- in between sets I heard  a wildly unique sound coming from the other side, I scooted on over to a packed room full of beautiful music lovers, squished together like speechless sardines. A brilliant band of Swedish sisters playing Americana, Bluegrass, Rock n’ Roll and Country style music-blowing the roof right off this joint! Their performance was so spectacular, I felt compelled to catch their 10:30 show at El Mercado that very same night. Baskery was the highlight of SXSW as far as I’m concerned!

I really do adore this city and quite honestly don’t spend enough time enjoying the unique features that attract people from all over the world. I took this opportunity to BE a tourist in my own city and photograph the images that have always stood out to me and continue to make me feel so lucky to call this magnificent place my home.



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