I Speak My Truth

photo 1

I was not always consciously aware of the fully expressed life that I was seeking. Looking back in retrospect, I can see how I was subconsciously attracted to everything and anything that brought me closer to the flame. Exploring the depth of my individuality while honoring the divine connection that unites us all has been a sometimes painful but absolutely beautiful journey.

I have arrived at this strangely peaceful place inside of myself, where I no longer care what anyone thinks, and I finally believe in the magic that is me. Comparing myself to others only keeps me from the level of self-possession that is required of me now. I must stand fully in the light of my own unique gifts if I’m going to share them the way they are intended to be shared. I must honor and speak my truth as often as possible in order to be free in the ways that I need to be.  This is not always easy, and it takes practice, but I’m getting there.

The painting above is another from my Chakra/Goddess series. She is a physical expression of the throat chakra–our ability to not only speak the truth with confidence and grace, but to honor it, every step of the way.

Original art by Lauren Suzanne, 2012

Original content, Lauren Suzanne, 2013


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