The Phantom Period

Today I choose to wake up to the wisdom and the lessons that this period is bringing with it. It’s a very indecisive period, not quite sure if it’s ready. You know, the phantom period that usually wreaks havoc in all of your affairs. If I didn’t know what I now know, this would be an absolutely awful day.
I’ve been researching the female cycle for over a year now and I have come to learn that there are many insightful theories and points of view on this topic. I’m not quite sure about attaching myself to any single one of them, so I don’t. I find valuable and useful information in so many different places, which has inspired me to experiment with my life. My personal experience with all of it thus far has led me to draw my own conclusions.
The bottom line for me is that EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. So of course when I read that my diet effects my cycle this made perfect sense; and when I chose to keep a food journal, omitting specific foods and eating an abundance of others,  it was no surprise to me that I felt happier, healthier, and more energized. When I read that a lot of women are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals that our bodies need in order to assist us through a healthy cycle, I chose to find the foods that were packed with them and sneak them into meals and snacks as often as possible; Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D, to name a few. I soon realized that I wasn’t a PMS maniac. Cramping was minimal, and unhealthy cravings were pretty much non-existent. My body was constantly craving the good stuff, the holiest of all holy food. I felt peaceful before, during, and after my period.
I also read deeply into the emotional aspect of it all, and discovered the theory that whatever you are experiencing consciously or subconsciously will be magnified by your period. So if you’re harboring resentment, anger, fear, or deep sadness – those emotions will manifest as rage, depression, anxiety or the desire to abruptly leave something or someone.
I’m not surprised at all by the fact that my period is ”stuck’,” and not sure if it’s ready to be free. I felt incredibly indecisive this past month; stuck, confused and scared to move forward. I also have not been taking the best care of myself for various reasons. Those reasons will take me down if I let them, and quite honestly I am no longer interested in giving in to cupcakes and mood swings. Discipline has never been my strong point; the difference is that I now know that no one can change that but me.
Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy cycle!
Original content copyright, Lauren Suzanne 2013

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