It’s New Year’s Eve and I feel compelled to write out some resolutions.

A fresh start, a new beginning…..entering into this new year with clear intention.

Before getting started on this list, I decided to take a moment to reflect. I have so much to be grateful for, so much to let go of and so much to bless. This year has challenged my thinking more than ever before. I have taken responsibility for my life and everything that is or is not working in it. This year I have truly discovered the meaning of ‘’growing’’ pains and that the unification of intent and imagination are the most powerful tools a girl could have in her bag of tricks.

This year I will stretch way out of my comfort zone and into as many magical moments as possible.

More Play—I’m talkin’ hoola hoops, bubbles, bike rides,  games, dancing for no reason at all, and an obscene amount of laughter!

Deepen My Yoga Practice—I have been practicing yoga for over ten years but have yet to take it to the level I’d like to. Quite honestly I have not put forth the effort to go that deep. I wasn’t ready but I’m ready now and I will hold myself accountable.

Adventure—Spontaneity, road trips, weekend getaways, un-charted territory, rivers, springs, lakes, mountain-tops, foreign languages, strange and unfamiliar spices, far-away lands….

Giving as much and as often as possible— Offering my time to an organization that I believe in or gifting a person in need. There is a much bigger picture and so many different ways I can be of service.

Green Smoothies in the morning—I have been wanting to take on this challenge for quite some time. I have all of the ingredients that I could possibly need to make this happen on a regular basis. It’s time to mix them up in the blender every morning and start a new routine.

Mindfulness—Putting new coping skills into practice, new problem solving techniques and new methods of communication.

I’m trying not to get carried away here. These are just a few from my list. What are some of yours?


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